Strategic Plan 2022-2025


Optimal Health


To promote wellness and health to transform patients’ lives.


CHIPER – Collaboration, Holistic, Innovative, Patient-Centered, Excellence, Respect.

Strategic Directions and Goals

Strategic Direction:

1. Foster growth of our clinic to meet community needs. 

By prioritizing growth and development, we are investing in the future of our organization and patient satisfaction. Our goal is to build and deploy our resources to favourably impact our staff, patients, and community. 


  • By end of March 2024, build patient roster to 3,200. Executive Director.
  • By 2024, lead or participate in at least 2 regional OHT initiatives to coordinate and integrate care. Executive Director.
  • By May 2024, successfully request for additional Allied Health. Executive Director.

Strategic Direction:

2. Improve access to care through innovation.

With an innovation compass, enhance ACCESS to optimal care in the right place by the right person at the right time. 


  • By April 2024, implement digital messaging/online booking to communicate with patients (patient portal). Executive Director and Office/HR Administrator.
  • -Continue multifaceted advertisement strategy (Email, Signs/Posters and Phone Outreach)
  • By April 2025, ensure completion of physical space expansion to provide inclusive comprehensive care and add common patient services (physio, phlebotomy). Executive Director and Capital Expansion Committee.
  • By December 2024, in addition to virtual care visits, offer 10 home visits per month to patients with significant barriers to attend appoints in clinic. Executive Director.

Strategic Direction:

3. Find new pats in health promotion and disease prevention.

Finding new paths goes beyond simply treating disease and is also about empowering patients with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions to enhance their quality of life. 


  • By April 2025, implement a patient advisory board/committee. Executive Director and Office/HR Administrator. 
  • By September 2025, integration of services and patient passports. Executive Director and Clinical Team. 
  • – An individualized plan of care, including the development of resources in the clinic for patients to take home (eg., diabetic kit) and care tools (disease-specific – eg., one for diabetes, etc.).

Strategic Direction:

4. Optimize quality standardization, and business operations. 

Comprehensive primary care embraces health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitative care, and is provided in a financially feasible and sustainable way.


  • Achieve a balanced budget – monitored on a monthly OR quarterly basis. Actively explore opportunities to spend forecasted surplus. Executive Director, Office/HR Administrator & Finance Committee. 
  • – Temporary Clinical or Admin Staff
  • – Financially supporting other Health Care Organizations
  • – Equipment/IT
  • Attract/retain exceptional human resources and maintain a high level of employee engagement. Executive Director & Office/HR Administrator.
  • -Monthly team meetings, annual performance appraisals, quarterly team building activities, compensation review upon funding increase. 
  • -Continue to accept and mentor students (RPN/RN and NP)
  • By mid 2024, reimplement tobacco cessation program (STOP vs Ottawa Model) *Executive Director and Clinical Staff.
  • By 2025, significantly enhance safe prescribing of opioid based therapies. *Executive Director and Clinical Staff. 
  • -Quarterly audit for opioid manager and number of visits per year.