Survey Results

Did staff make you feel welcome at our clinic?

99% Yes
1% No

When you see your health care provider(s), how often do they or someone else in our clinic involve you as much as you want to be in decisions about your care/treatment?

81% Yes
15% Often

Did you get an appointment on the day you wanted or within an acceptable timeframe?

100% Yes

Survey Sample Size: 158

Last updated September 2023

“The care provided for me was at the top of excellent, I am very happy with the service that is given me at the clinic and the follow up care that is there. The nurse that I have is wonderful in getting things done for me quickly, she reaches out right away to make me comfortable and she is very good and efficient at her job.”
– Patient Quote

“Dominic and the staff are always pleasant and are great to work with. I am receiving the best care that I’ve ever had from them.”
– Patient Quote

“Excellent care, excellent service. Reception is beyond friendly. My NP is amazing and I can’t say enough about how I would never see a doctor again as I enjoy the one on one feeling you get with an NP.”
– Patient Quote