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Diabetes education is available. This program is open to our patients with diabetes, are at risk for diabetes or to a caregiver for a person with diabetes.

Our dedicated clinicians at the Algoma NPLC work collaboratively to assist with diabetes education, prevention, and management. Our program serves patients with diabetes, patients at risk for diabetes, and/or caregivers for a person with diabetes. According to Diabetes Canada, 11 million Canadians currently live with diabetes or prediabetes. 10% of individuals living with diabetes have Type 1 diabetes. This condition severely interferes with their ability to regulate the use and storage of glucose because their pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. On the other hand, 90% of individuals living with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes. People with Type 2 diabetes are unable to efficiently use the insulin that their pancreas produces. Thankfully, a healthy lifestyle combined with optimal medical treatment can help improve the outcomes of both conditions.